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Assisting individuals, professionals, students and business people to achieve goals.

Chalo Canada Inc. is a Canadian company that partners with reputed academic institutions to offer potential students the best possible opportunities for their educational and future career prospects. As our name suggests, Chalo Canada Inc. focuses on the international student education process for Canada exclusively by delivering a holistic view of the opportunities available in the Canadian education domain and providing accurate process procedure.

Chalo Canada Inc. Offers the full range of educational opportunities for students of any age including elementary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, summer education & travel excursion program for youth and professional skill development programs for managers, executives, and business owners.

Why Choose Chalo Canada

Canada is a vast country with great opportunities to create a wonderful life, whether you would like to come for a temporary visit, education or to settle permanently. You will find peace, security, opportunity, and most of all, a better future for you and your family in this great country! However, the application process is not easy and small mistakes in your application could mean delays, reworking of submitted material, or, in the worst case, denial of entry altogether if some information is misrepresented or omitted even by mistake or inexperience. Our professional services can help you in many ways:

  • We offer a highly professional services in schooling, College/University education and financial matters.
  • We are experienced in a variety of career and academic counselling.
  • Our fees are competitive, and our charges are hourly-based.
  • We can help certify documents/declarations quickly and cheaper since we have close contacts.
  • You only deal with registered representatives of Chalo Canada.
  • We have a vast amount of knowledge to help you find accommodation, transportation and community involvement in Canada.

We pride ourselves on making the application process as simple and straightforward for our clients as possible. We will let you know exactly what to expect, what is really involved and guide you personally through every step of your journey.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence and aim to exceed our client’s expectations. Never compromising our ethical standards lets us enjoy an extremely high success rate and excellent client satisfaction. Over 90% of our business is the result of personal referrals from our former clients.

With years of specialized counselling experience, one of the industry’s finest Canadian consultants and a team of dedicated professional staff, Chalo Canada is among India’s leading providers of professional counselling service.

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