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Thousands of international business people come to Canada every year, to do business with Canadian companies. Under the Business Visitor visa, foreigners can apply to come and visit Canada for a short time. It allows eligible applicants to explore dynamic business opportunities, participate in trade conferences, meet with Canadian counter-parts in Canada as well as experience Canadian culture and hospitality.

Three Types Of Canada Business Class Visa

  • Federal Start-Up Visa Program – If you plan to build an innovative business in Canada, the start-up visa program could be an option for you.
  • Quebec Business Immigration – If you’re planning on living in the province of Quebec as an investor or entrepreneur, there are several options under the Quebec business immigration programs.
  • PNP Business Immigration – Many other Canadian provinces have business immigration programs under their Provincial Nominee Programs.


You may qualify as a business visitor if you are a foreign national who plans to visit Canada temporarily to look for new business opportunities, to invest or to enhance existing business relationships. Business visitors usually stay in Canada for a few days or a few weeks. To be considered a business visitor you must show that:

  • You intend to stay for less than six months and do not plan to enter the Canadian labour market
  • Your main place of business and source of income is located outside Canada
  • Profits from your business will accrue outside Canada
  • You can provide documents that support your application

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Immigrant Investors Program

Under the Investors Program, a potential business migrant must provide evidence of extensive business knowledge in addition to substantial capital.

Investments to the Receiver General for Canada are guaranteed by participating provinces and territories and must be made when advised to do so by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Depending on the exact date in which you make the investment, it will mature 5 years and 3 months from that date. The investment is not returned with interest and the money invested will be used to fund job creation and the development of the economy within Canada.

The Investors Program is also a points-based visa. The assessment is performed on six main factors including age, education, business experience, language ability, and adaptability. Investors must have at least two years of business experience immediately before making an application to CIC. They must have either:

  • Controlled and managed a percentage of equity in a qualifying business
  • Managed at least five full-time job equivalents per year in a qualifying business

Unlike other business categories, the Investors Program does not require you to start a business in Canada.

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